Hi, I’m Kálmán Kéri, starter of the Metamaya project.

I live in Budapest, Hungary.

I started programming in the mid 80′s back in the microcomputer era. I’m a professional developer since 1999. I always worked in small groups on rather innovative projects.

My special areas of interest:

  • programming languages
  • compilers and builders
  • fusion of programming paradigms
  • program transformations
  • virtual machines
  • object models
  • data structures
  • visualization and interaction

Why did I start this project? The answer is simple: to create the programming language I always wished for. Over time I realized that no language can catch all the interesting concepts I had so instead I placed my efforts on creating a framework that is able to catch programming language concepts.

What type I am? My enneagram type is 5. Regarding the Jung-Myers-Briggs typology I’m an INTP. More informally I am more of a planner than a doer who features an arguably great sense of humor. My lesson to learn is that hiding my values from the world is not certainly a good idea.

My personal interests. Self-recognition plays an important role in my life. I was member of an amateur film group for years and attended in a few short films as either an actor, technician or cameraman. Sometimes I make textile works like bean bags and love to repair machines. I like music and musical instruments however I’m not a skilled player. I love a good sci-fi, piece of design or graphical art.